Bitcoin Price

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Started : Nov 21, 2017


Bitcoin Deposit
Using bitcoin for deposit is easy, just right click the address and copy it to your send to address. Doing it this way is to ensure all senders info are received by our system. Description of your bitcoin payment should be "Deposit to User YourUserName".
Nov-26-2017 09:04:40 AM
Withdrawals - minimum amount
Minimum withdrawals was set as $5 in instant mode.
All withdrawals that is less than $5 has to be run in batch mode. Therefore, best way to utilize the system is just to accumulate balance to $5, then do the withdrawals which is instant!
Nov-25-2017 04:50:31 AM
Minimal Withdrawals
$5 for Perfect Money account.
$10 for bitcoins (to avoid unnecessary transaction fees)
Nov-24-2017 04:27:12 AM
ICO Hour award winning system launched
After years of research and testing, we are proud to launch our trading system to public. ICO Hour is an automated trading system built on machine learning principle. Stable returns are produced by applying this system to the Initial Coin Offering market.

Join us and build your wealth on ICO trading!
Nov-24-2017 04:22:20 AM